Welcome 2016!

I welcome 2016 the same way I welcomed 2015,with a lot of positivity and enthusiasm.

New year celebration has attained a new outlook for me post marraige,as the years before that were spent chilling out at home with parents and finally hitting the bed way before midnight!..:)

Post marraige it is an important ritual to be with close friends, going over the past year events and somehow always reaching the same conclusion.;) The conclusion about how fasssst the current year has zooomed by…

This year’s celebration was no different. It was filled with our ¬†near and dear ones ,good food n good music.

Opposed to yearly resolutions, this time I have decided NOT to make any.

However,i have a list of wishes for myself:

I  wish for great health, great peace of mind,great confidence to achieve all that I need.

I wish that I continue learning and imbibing new things I come across.

I pray that i be useful to others in any ways that is possible.

I pray that I take each day as a challenge and one that keeps taking me nearer to my goals.

I pray not to be bogged down by anybody’s attitude towards me and to take everything at face value.

So,that’s it for me..how can I forget my family and friends?.. Here’s wishing that all are blessed with great health and have all their desires fulfilled.

Here’s to a Funfilled and Happpy 2016!!!..