February 2016 already??

I cannot believe it’s already February.. Where ever did the first month go??

Frankly,I love that I am not able to keep pace with what day it is,what date it is.

Each day with so many things to do:)

February has both me n my Hubby looking forward to our son’s fourth year birthday.. It seems like just yesterday he was placed in my arms,staring at me with big round eyes!..

The birth of Naren has a special place in the hearts of my parents, my sisters too. Not that the other grand kids do not..;)

My dad carries out a ritual of reading “Guru Charitra” each year before his birthday..makes me realise how lucky we are for all the good things bestowed upon us by the Almighty.

This month is going to be exciting for one more reason.my very first dance performance..yes!.I have started taking bharatnatyam classes under my Guru Smt.Preetha Arun from last November..

She has been kind enough to allow me to perform in a group. As I have no experience at all,its been  just practice practice n some more practice.. I suddenly have new found respect and admiration for all those who are in  the dancing field..

My goal in choosing bharatnatyam style was that firstly, I did attend some amount of classes in my childhood, which I believe will help me now..

Secondly,the benefits of learning a classical dance are immense. A person becomes agile. The different hand mudras help us to keep our fingers flexible.

The Aramandi position of the knees is a very good work out and is helping me to strengthen my knees greatly.

All in all a wonderful workout to shed all those extra kilos gained over the years.

I pray to Lord Nataraja that I do justice to my Guru’s teaching and make her and myself happy with my performance..:)

The best proof to suggest the effectiveness about me learning dance is being able to complete the well advertised 5K Pinkathon,Bangalore in 22minutes.

Next year,definitely 10K..:)