Clay Projects..

Finally,I have started working on some  projects as promised. To begin with here is the first clay project in years..

I work on ceramic clay and just love how it feels. This half a kg of clay that I bought at ClayStation,bangalore  is really good and am in love with it:)

As part of readying the clay before working with it,I need to knead it. Kneading is done to remove all the air bubbles from your piece so that it does not crack when fired.

There are no fixed no. Of times that one kneads the lump of clay..I usually do it 10-15 times to ensure that it is nicely rolled into one piece. Tip: to ensure there are no air bubbles,cut the lump into half,u should not find any holes in either of the halves.

Once knead,it is ready to be worked on. There are two ways one can work with clay.

1.handbuilding or handmodelling.

2.pottery wheel.

Under hand modelling, we have

  1. Pinching.
  2. Slab making.
  3. Coiling.

The creativity involved in the above mentioned styles is immense, also a lot more time consuming. (Depends on each one’s experience)

I love working in all the three styles;pinching n coiling being my favourites.

Yesterday felt like a 26hrs day,more so becoz my son was on the best of his behaviour. So,as a reward I introduced him to the small electric pottery wheel that I hv been using in his absence. Needless to say,he was very thrilled n happy to see it.

But the utmost clean person that he is ,refused to even touch the clay!!!(something his teachers have been mentioning)..

Finally he relented when I mentioned we can make a snake out of it;))

Once he got hooked on to it, I could tell this thing is going to come n bite me in the u know what…;))

We made this lovely snake using the coiling method..

He was carrying the snake with him all the time:)..which is so inherent to his nature. But he did not realise that the clay too,inherent to its own nature will start drying out and chipping off. Thats exactly what happened and needless to say, i had to repeatedly keep the piece damp. This is what i meant when i used the phrase above 🙂

Inspite of keeping the piece damp,due to continuous handling,it began to chip n finally the clay was hardened. So there ended the story of the snake..I need not add the amount of crying that I dealt with..:((

Hence to avoid all the drama,we always think twice before introducing him to anything new. Also,the reason for hiding the wheel for such a long time..

Well,that’s that but in the end I could complete a lamp using initially the coiling method followed by the pinching style.

I wanted to show my son the wheel in operation. So tried my hand at the wheel too and came up with the other two pieces.

I say ‘tried ‘because I still am getting the hang of working on the potter’s wheel. It’s a long way to go….

The pieces are drying as of now. I hope they reach the” leather hard stage ” in another couple of days(the weather being real bad,no sun! )…

More updates in the next post!..