“Mini Star” Mom

Our minds think in funny ways.I only wish it thought this way 24/7. For people who know me closely will agree to what I am going to say. I am a very shy person,very happy to go unnoticed in a gathering. I find solace in doing my own thing,unobserved by others. For me the best time to enjoy real me time was always on a flight. I could just cuddle into my seat(always the window;) ) with a book and can be trusted to NOT call upon the crew even once. No amount of babies crying in my vicinity could disturb me.

However, as the saying goes”all good things come to an end”,I too was pushed out into the open..literally.. For others to be cross examined n to be advised upon..

This was the first time I was travelling with my 1.5month old baby..I was hoping he would behave himself n let me be.;))

Sadly that was not to be.I was immediately accosted by a lady from the crew n given instructions as to how to secure ly belt myself to the seat(something I HV never done before??)),how not to breast feed the baby during take off…it was a complete performance on security Exclusively for me!!!so much for my shyness…:))) I couldn’t take so much attention being showered on me..at that instant I turned into a “mini star “mom…the only thing I could do was to nod for every little detail n say thank u!.as I was recovering from all this, my baby started to throw a little performance of his own..as this was not enough,ladies sitted right beside us started advicing as to may be his earz are blocked, may be he is hungry… Do I pacify my baby or do I answer their queries…:)

I must say my travelling with my mom was a blessing.. She came to my rescue n suggested as we were not supposed to fd him during the takeoff,we shd gv him something to suck upon..that worked!..he found solace in sucking off my thumb..n peacefully slept off!…i took this opportunity n dozed off finally,it was time to land…:)

So much for my peace n quite time during an air flight. As my sonny boy grows up,there are other challenges during a flight now..more on those at some other time..

Untill then I am coming to terms at being treated like a Mini Star mom..;)))

Thanks for reading …