Hello there!.. It’s weekend and for a change we are at home today. Our usual weekends are spent visiting my dear inlaws and enjoying some time off from daily cooking;)).However, today was the usual cleaning and cooking.

As part of my promise to myself, to try and do something new, I made pudina-methi pulao for lunch..just a simple jhatpat recipe..this way ,we could enjoy the home grown pudina:))..I loved the way it came out;guess I got my favourite recipe..

With all the cooking done in the morning, me n my son took a nice evening walk, n indulged in a bit of TV watching with my Hubby. While they were bonding over some father n son stuff,I thought it would be the best time to complete my sketch I started a couple of days back..here it is..

IMG_20151010_191141 IMG_20151010_191141

Felt really nice completing it..I think it could have been much better,but I do not want to be a selfcritic..;)

Hopefully, I shall get to my other projects too very soon!



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