Friendships,love,food…theme for the week..:)

Cannot believe I am blogging at 3.30am in the morning!.. But I think someone said:”write it when you feel it”..???hehe..I think it is me who just made it up;)

The past week has been just total fun.

Fun=Friends ..ALWAYS…:))

A trip to Kabini,a 5.5 hr drive from Bangalore was exactly what me n my family needed after a week full of cold,cough n fever. Nothing like a breath of countryside fresh air to feel rejuvenated!

This place is known as the Peepal Tree,situated right on the banks of the Kabini river with an exquisite 360degree view of the prestine nature.

I am not a person who will go searching for stuff to do at a resort.. I do not mind if there are no spa packages or board games. I just love to indulge in the awesome food and good gupshup with my friends over a nice cup of tea.

But,having said that we loved the 30minute boat ride along the river. The fresh air  brushing across your face,while you try to dip your hands in the waters,is something that one has to experience.

Aaahh…the coldddd water:)).. Loved it!…

After having a good two night stay it was time to head back to pouring rains,water clogged roads of Bangalore: (..such a sorry state of affairs!

Good times always pass away quickly.. Very true.. Realise it more so with marraige anniversaries..completed 12 years of it:))

N what a journey it has been..glad n greatful that we have sailed through some rocky seas and come out one piece 😉

This time,we decided to celebrate this occasion at home, cooking n chatting up with our dear friends,as opposed to going out to a fancy restaurant.. Moreso as we had just got back from our Kabini stay,I was craving for some real good home cooked food..

the menu was very simple. My hubby’s famous BBB(bisi bele bhath) with raita, chapatis,black eyed peas palya,rice,rasam.

For desert, I tried my hand at a wholewheat,eggless chocolate cake.

Not to forget the awesome chocolate cake got by our dear friends.:)))


Above is the picture of the cake baked my me.

thank you soo much for being a part of our llives!!  I feel there is nnothing important than the warm wishes from family n Friends in life..that is the reason I personally see to it that they DO wish me on such occasions;))..

Looking forward to more such occasions.

Suddenly I remembered the purpose of this blog;).. I am working on it,trust a few days,I shall publish whatever that is.

Until then, C Ya..



2 thoughts on “Friendships,love,food…theme for the week..:)

  1. aparnabhat says:

    Loved reading it Anu. Never knew there was a writer too in you. You are highly talented. Proud that you are recognising it slowly and putting it to good use.


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