Seeing a new Day … In every Day….

I am a stay at home mom of a 3.5year old. Needless to say my day is filled with all the mundane stuff like cooking,cleaning followed by some more cooking n cleaning. Not to forget the times when all of the above is replaced by tending to a sick toddler.

Like any other Stay at Home mom,its only natural that I sometimes get bogged down by everything .There are times when I sit back n think if it was a good decision of quitting work n donning the hat of a 24/7 “service provider”. There have been instances of comparison with peers n wallowing in self pity as to why it is so easy for others n not ┬áso easy for moi’….????

The answer to all of that I truely believe is in keeping a very positive attitude. It greatly helps to know that a stay at mom too brings a whole lot to the table. I have also realised that

My +ve attitude=family’s +ve attitude

The best part about a full time mom is the quality time we get to spend with our kids. In doing so,we contribute immensely to their overall well-being . I am not saying that moms who work full time do not do so,in fact I come from a family where my mom was a full-time teacher.however,she had to take extra care to make sure that she was always there for me n my two sisters!

Having said tgat I njoy being at home tending to my son n hubby,I do feel the need to have some kind of a ” me time”. Hence,i guess this blog. I am hoping to use this blog as a check on myself so that I take myself seriously! I hope to start working on all the small projects that have cropped up in my brain from time to time.I am hoping that I will not use my ever busy days as an excuse to NOT working on those ideas. But,at the same time I will not be obsessed by the fact that I need to blog for the day;))

Yes,there will be days when I need someone else to hold the fort. I am sure I can always count on my Hubby dear for that!..:))