Daily Prompt: Passionate

via Daily Prompt: Passionate

Hmmm..I have been following the different words that crop up on the Daily Prompt…however never was I tempted to write in.no offence to Daily Prompt..I love the way it works and gives a very unique style to gathering of blogs together..I just couldn’t resist responding to the word Passionate.:))

Of course we all are passionate about something or the other..

When I give it some serious thought,i feel I am passionate about everything n anything I do in a regular day. How else would I be able to complete so many tasks and be happy about them at the end of them all???

It is a simple rule: you like the end result,you were/are passionate about the same.

Hopefully,the rule applies to persons in my life too..;))..


February 2016 already??

I cannot believe it’s already February.. Where ever did the first month go??

Frankly,I love that I am not able to keep pace with what day it is,what date it is.

Each day with so many things to do:)

February has both me n my Hubby looking forward to our son’s fourth year birthday.. It seems like just yesterday he was placed in my arms,staring at me with big round eyes!..

The birth of Naren has a special place in the hearts of my parents, my sisters too. Not that the other grand kids do not..;)

My dad carries out a ritual of reading “Guru Charitra” each year before his birthday..makes me realise how lucky we are for all the good things bestowed upon us by the Almighty.

This month is going to be exciting for one more reason.my very first dance performance..yes!.I have started taking bharatnatyam classes under my Guru Smt.Preetha Arun from last November..

She has been kind enough to allow me to perform in a group. As I have no experience at all,its been  just practice practice n some more practice.. I suddenly have new found respect and admiration for all those who are in  the dancing field..

My goal in choosing bharatnatyam style was that firstly, I did attend some amount of classes in my childhood, which I believe will help me now..

Secondly,the benefits of learning a classical dance are immense. A person becomes agile. The different hand mudras help us to keep our fingers flexible.

The Aramandi position of the knees is a very good work out and is helping me to strengthen my knees greatly.

All in all a wonderful workout to shed all those extra kilos gained over the years.

I pray to Lord Nataraja that I do justice to my Guru’s teaching and make her and myself happy with my performance..:)

The best proof to suggest the effectiveness about me learning dance is being able to complete the well advertised 5K Pinkathon,Bangalore in 22minutes.

Next year,definitely 10K..:)





Welcome 2016!

I welcome 2016 the same way I welcomed 2015,with a lot of positivity and enthusiasm.

New year celebration has attained a new outlook for me post marraige,as the years before that were spent chilling out at home with parents and finally hitting the bed way before midnight!..:)

Post marraige it is an important ritual to be with close friends, going over the past year events and somehow always reaching the same conclusion.;) The conclusion about how fasssst the current year has zooomed by…

This year’s celebration was no different. It was filled with our  near and dear ones ,good food n good music.

Opposed to yearly resolutions, this time I have decided NOT to make any.

However,i have a list of wishes for myself:

I  wish for great health, great peace of mind,great confidence to achieve all that I need.

I wish that I continue learning and imbibing new things I come across.

I pray that i be useful to others in any ways that is possible.

I pray that I take each day as a challenge and one that keeps taking me nearer to my goals.

I pray not to be bogged down by anybody’s attitude towards me and to take everything at face value.

So,that’s it for me..how can I forget my family and friends?.. Here’s wishing that all are blessed with great health and have all their desires fulfilled.

Here’s to a Funfilled and Happpy 2016!!!..



Clay Projects..

Finally,I have started working on some  projects as promised. To begin with here is the first clay project in years..

I work on ceramic clay and just love how it feels. This half a kg of clay that I bought at ClayStation,bangalore  is really good and am in love with it:)

As part of readying the clay before working with it,I need to knead it. Kneading is done to remove all the air bubbles from your piece so that it does not crack when fired.

There are no fixed no. Of times that one kneads the lump of clay..I usually do it 10-15 times to ensure that it is nicely rolled into one piece. Tip: to ensure there are no air bubbles,cut the lump into half,u should not find any holes in either of the halves.

Once knead,it is ready to be worked on. There are two ways one can work with clay.

1.handbuilding or handmodelling.

2.pottery wheel.

Under hand modelling, we have

  1. Pinching.
  2. Slab making.
  3. Coiling.

The creativity involved in the above mentioned styles is immense, also a lot more time consuming. (Depends on each one’s experience)

I love working in all the three styles;pinching n coiling being my favourites.

Yesterday felt like a 26hrs day,more so becoz my son was on the best of his behaviour. So,as a reward I introduced him to the small electric pottery wheel that I hv been using in his absence. Needless to say,he was very thrilled n happy to see it.

But the utmost clean person that he is ,refused to even touch the clay!!!(something his teachers have been mentioning)..

Finally he relented when I mentioned we can make a snake out of it;))

Once he got hooked on to it, I could tell this thing is going to come n bite me in the u know what…;))

We made this lovely snake using the coiling method..

He was carrying the snake with him all the time:)..which is so inherent to his nature. But he did not realise that the clay too,inherent to its own nature will start drying out and chipping off. Thats exactly what happened and needless to say, i had to repeatedly keep the piece damp. This is what i meant when i used the phrase above 🙂

Inspite of keeping the piece damp,due to continuous handling,it began to chip n finally the clay was hardened. So there ended the story of the snake..I need not add the amount of crying that I dealt with..:((

Hence to avoid all the drama,we always think twice before introducing him to anything new. Also,the reason for hiding the wheel for such a long time..

Well,that’s that but in the end I could complete a lamp using initially the coiling method followed by the pinching style.

I wanted to show my son the wheel in operation. So tried my hand at the wheel too and came up with the other two pieces.

I say ‘tried ‘because I still am getting the hang of working on the potter’s wheel. It’s a long way to go….

The pieces are drying as of now. I hope they reach the” leather hard stage ” in another couple of days(the weather being real bad,no sun! )…

More updates in the next post!..




“Mini Star” Mom

Our minds think in funny ways.I only wish it thought this way 24/7. For people who know me closely will agree to what I am going to say. I am a very shy person,very happy to go unnoticed in a gathering. I find solace in doing my own thing,unobserved by others. For me the best time to enjoy real me time was always on a flight. I could just cuddle into my seat(always the window;) ) with a book and can be trusted to NOT call upon the crew even once. No amount of babies crying in my vicinity could disturb me.

However, as the saying goes”all good things come to an end”,I too was pushed out into the open..literally.. For others to be cross examined n to be advised upon..

This was the first time I was travelling with my 1.5month old baby..I was hoping he would behave himself n let me be.;))

Sadly that was not to be.I was immediately accosted by a lady from the crew n given instructions as to how to secure ly belt myself to the seat(something I HV never done before??)),how not to breast feed the baby during take off…it was a complete performance on security Exclusively for me!!!so much for my shyness…:))) I couldn’t take so much attention being showered on me..at that instant I turned into a “mini star “mom…the only thing I could do was to nod for every little detail n say thank u!.as I was recovering from all this, my baby started to throw a little performance of his own..as this was not enough,ladies sitted right beside us started advicing as to may be his earz are blocked, may be he is hungry… Do I pacify my baby or do I answer their queries…:)

I must say my travelling with my mom was a blessing.. She came to my rescue n suggested as we were not supposed to fd him during the takeoff,we shd gv him something to suck upon..that worked!..he found solace in sucking off my thumb..n peacefully slept off!…i took this opportunity n dozed off finally,it was time to land…:)

So much for my peace n quite time during an air flight. As my sonny boy grows up,there are other challenges during a flight now..more on those at some other time..

Untill then I am coming to terms at being treated like a Mini Star mom..;)))

Thanks for reading …







Hello there!.. It’s weekend and for a change we are at home today. Our usual weekends are spent visiting my dear inlaws and enjoying some time off from daily cooking;)).However, today was the usual cleaning and cooking.

As part of my promise to myself, to try and do something new, I made pudina-methi pulao for lunch..just a simple jhatpat recipe..this way ,we could enjoy the home grown pudina:))..I loved the way it came out;guess I got my favourite recipe..

With all the cooking done in the morning, me n my son took a nice evening walk, n indulged in a bit of TV watching with my Hubby. While they were bonding over some father n son stuff,I thought it would be the best time to complete my sketch I started a couple of days back..here it is..

IMG_20151010_191141 IMG_20151010_191141

Felt really nice completing it..I think it could have been much better,but I do not want to be a selfcritic..;)

Hopefully, I shall get to my other projects too very soon!


Friendships,love,food…theme for the week..:)

Cannot believe I am blogging at 3.30am in the morning!.. But I think someone said:”write it when you feel it”..???hehe..I think it is me who just made it up;)

The past week has been just total fun.

Fun=Friends ..ALWAYS…:))

A trip to Kabini,a 5.5 hr drive from Bangalore was exactly what me n my family needed after a week full of cold,cough n fever. Nothing like a breath of countryside fresh air to feel rejuvenated!

This place is known as the Peepal Tree,situated right on the banks of the Kabini river with an exquisite 360degree view of the prestine nature.

I am not a person who will go searching for stuff to do at a resort.. I do not mind if there are no spa packages or board games. I just love to indulge in the awesome food and good gupshup with my friends over a nice cup of tea.

But,having said that we loved the 30minute boat ride along the river. The fresh air  brushing across your face,while you try to dip your hands in the waters,is something that one has to experience.

Aaahh…the coldddd water:)).. Loved it!…

After having a good two night stay it was time to head back to pouring rains,water clogged roads of Bangalore: (..such a sorry state of affairs!

Good times always pass away quickly.. Very true.. Realise it more so with marraige anniversaries..completed 12 years of it:))

N what a journey it has been..glad n greatful that we have sailed through some rocky seas and come out safe..in one piece 😉

This time,we decided to celebrate this occasion at home, cooking n chatting up with our dear friends,as opposed to going out to a fancy restaurant.. Moreso as we had just got back from our Kabini stay,I was craving for some real good home cooked food..

the menu was very simple. My hubby’s famous BBB(bisi bele bhath) with raita, chapatis,black eyed peas palya,rice,rasam.

For desert, I tried my hand at a wholewheat,eggless chocolate cake.

Not to forget the awesome chocolate cake got by our dear friends.:)))


Above is the picture of the cake baked my me.

thank you soo much for being a part of our llives!!  I feel there is nnothing important than the warm wishes from family n Friends in life..that is the reason I personally see to it that they DO wish me on such occasions;))..

Looking forward to more such occasions.

Suddenly I remembered the purpose of this blog;).. I am working on it,trust me..in a few days,I shall publish whatever that is.

Until then, C Ya..


Seeing a new Day … In every Day….

I am a stay at home mom of a 3.5year old. Needless to say my day is filled with all the mundane stuff like cooking,cleaning followed by some more cooking n cleaning. Not to forget the times when all of the above is replaced by tending to a sick toddler.

Like any other Stay at Home mom,its only natural that I sometimes get bogged down by everything .There are times when I sit back n think if it was a good decision of quitting work n donning the hat of a 24/7 “service provider”. There have been instances of comparison with peers n wallowing in self pity as to why it is so easy for others n not  so easy for moi’….????

The answer to all of that I truely believe is in keeping a very positive attitude. It greatly helps to know that a stay at mom too brings a whole lot to the table. I have also realised that

My +ve attitude=family’s +ve attitude

The best part about a full time mom is the quality time we get to spend with our kids. In doing so,we contribute immensely to their overall well-being . I am not saying that moms who work full time do not do so,in fact I come from a family where my mom was a full-time teacher.however,she had to take extra care to make sure that she was always there for me n my two sisters!

Having said tgat I njoy being at home tending to my son n hubby,I do feel the need to have some kind of a ” me time”. Hence,i guess this blog. I am hoping to use this blog as a check on myself so that I take myself seriously! I hope to start working on all the small projects that have cropped up in my brain from time to time.I am hoping that I will not use my ever busy days as an excuse to NOT working on those ideas. But,at the same time I will not be obsessed by the fact that I need to blog for the day;))

Yes,there will be days when I need someone else to hold the fort. I am sure I can always count on my Hubby dear for that!..:))